Sample Compilation 3

Here’s some more exceptional rap shit that sampled some exceptional funk, soul, jazz shit. The way Godfather Don flipped the Betty Davis singing was genius. The John Klemmer horns that the SD50’s lifted for “Leave Ya With This” are viral,at the least. And Half A Mill(RIP). “Homicide Scene” is probably one of my favorite obscure rap songs of all time. Graphic street drama with a message at it’s best. The Roy Ayers song it sampled and the Bohannon song are also remarkable tracks on this comp.

01. Bohannon – Song For My Mother

02. Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs – I Got To Have It
05. Roy Ayers – Every Time I See You
06. Half A Mil – Homicide Scene
07. Jigmastas – Iz You Dee
08. Ahmad Jamal – Don’t Ask My Neighbors
10. Betty Davis – Anti Love Song
11. Godfather Don – Piece Of The Action
12. John Klemmer – Free Soul
13. Akinyele – Exercise
14. Kurious – Leave Ya With This

Download entire compilation here
I Got To Have It

Crime Saga
Thanks to Jaz for coming through with the Jigmastas joint.
And extra thanks to Lyrical Gymnastics for contributing tracks 8,9,12,and 14.

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