beats beats beats

Is it acid jazz ? Is it hip hop ? Turntablism ?
Wtf is this doing here ?

This compilation is an interesting blend of styles. Most of the tracks mix live instruments with some programming. The production on herbie hancock – shooz or the new latinaries – intro, will have you shaking the floors with your speakers, if you got em’ like that. I dont know about you, but smaller speaker and subs just don’t do it for me when I need to hear something loud. Two acoustic response 707 series for the right side, and two old, super heavy Klh speakers for the left side seem to do the trick. One of these days I’m gonna break the windows from vibration…

Enough pontification.. On to the music–


1. (00:04:36) bluescreen – villa narco [NEW YORK 1993] (Heard this on a radio show in 93. was hooked!)
2. (00:04:29) united future organization – the planet plan [NY 199?]
3. (00:01:22) herbie hancock – shooz [1995] (My hero. If ya dont like him, ya dont like music)
4. (00:06:07) the new latinaries – intro [1995]
5. (00:05:12) the herbalizer – ginger jumps the fence [UK 2001]
6. (00:05:43) the solsonics – ascension [BAY AREA 1993] (Same radio show from 93 turned me on to the solsonics)
7. (00:05:46) bill laswell, hammond drake, dj disk, erraldo bernouchi – charged session 1 [1998 ?]
8. (00:08:49) brooklyn funk essentials – arabica 1998
9. (00:06:54) exodus quartet – tribute to mr cool [NY ? 1998]
10. (00:05:42) greyboy – 40 days [NY ? 1993] (Check the original version by Billy Brooks if ya can find it!)
11. (00:06:12) karl denson – flute down [199?]
12. (00:04:21) nighttrains – streetchase 1995
13. (00:03:31) dj logic – flat as aboard [NY 1999]
14. (00:04:23) unknown artist – unknown track (That dang radio show again.. this one’s always been a mystery)

This is a hip hop blog, but I like to dig up other music once in awhile. Let me know if you like the change of pace! We’re a pretty responsive team so speak your mind. No, I will not be posting Garth Brooks crap anytime soon so you can sleep right, knowing you can hit us again like a good fix and we’ll be here to light it up.

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