Rappers – Where Are They (You) Now?

You see them for a second, then they’re gone! There you were, cooling out with your latest Sony Walkman, the expensive model with digital tuning, auto-reverse, and mega-bass boost, jamming to the latest DJ Juice mixtape or hissy dub of Neek The Exotic tracks. You thought that shit would last forever, didn’t you? You never contemplated the inevitable and here you are in 2008, wondering how in the fuck Danja Mowf is AWOL and yet Talib Kweli still has a viable career.

That’s assuming you’re a fan. Big assumption. If you’re reading this, you could very well be a rapper or producer who has been absent from the public view for a minute. It has been known to happen you know. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. There is life after rap, really. Recently Ahmad, of “Back In The Day” fame, was awarded a full scholarship to complete his B.A. at Stanford University. One of the guys from the Troubleneck Brothers now runs a website that receives more traffic every hour than we have since our inception. And so on and so forth.
If you’re a rapper or producer from “back in the day,” get in touch with us @blog.philaflava.com. We can talk interviews and unreleased tracks. Let the fans know what you’re up to. Hey, why not, right? — Thun

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