Still sayin’ damn to a post I made a week ago

If you like rappers who destroy every track they appear on, then Funky Technician is for you. If you like Diamond D, DJ Premier, and Showbiz beats, then this album is for you. If you like never ending punchlines that still make you say damn 18 years later, then this album is for you. If you want to hear a hungry AG go toe to toe with Finesse and more than hold his own, this album is for you (rumor has it AG was the only one to come close to defeating Finesse in battles back in the day). You will recognize many a famous breakbeat and many a sampled lyric from this stone cold classic, and it may even make you walk with a bop and your hat turned backwards.

1) Lord Finesse’s Theme Song Intro

2) Baby, You Nasty

3) Funky Technician
4) Back to Back Rhyming feat. AG
5) Here I Come

6) Slave to My Soundwave feat. AG

7) I Keep the Crowd Listening
8) Bad Mutha
9) Keep It Flowing
10) Lesson to Be Taught

11) Just a Little Something

12) Strictly for the Ladies
13) Track the Movement


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