Searching For The Perfect Beat: Late 80s Edition

Late 80s Edition
1. Cash Money & Marvelous – Ugly People Be Quiet (Instrumental)
2. Kings Of Pressure – You Know How To Reach Us (Instrumental)
3. Style – The Assassinator (Instrumental)
4. Sugar Bear – Don’t Scandalize Mine (Instrumental)
5. Original Concept – Can You Feel It (Instrumental)
6. Divine Styler – Ain’t Sayin’ Nuthin’ (Instrumental)
7. Dismasters – Small Time Hustler (Instrumental)
8. Kev-E-Kev & AK-B – Listen To The Man (Instrumental)
9. Grand Poobah Tony D – It’s My Day (Instrumental)
10. Original Concept – Knowledge Me (Instrumental)
11. MC Lyte – Paper Thin (Instrumental)
12. Divine Styler – Tongue Of Labyrinth (Instrumental)
13. Nice N Smooth – Early To Rise (Instrumental)
14. Kwame – The Rhythm (Instrumental)
15. Cool C – Down To The Grissle (Instrumental)
16. T La Rock – You’ve Got The Time (Instrumental)

Cash Money & Marvelous track: produced by DJ Cash Money
Kings Of Pressure track: produced by The Bomb Squad
Style track: produced by Rick Pagan
Sugar Bear track: produced by Shabazz
Original Concept tracks: produced by Dr. Dre of Yo! MTV Raps
Divine Styler tracks: produced by Bilal Bashir
Dismasters track: produced by Chuck Chillout
Kev-E-Kev track: produced by Paul C & AK-B
Grand Poobah Tony D track: produced by Vandy-C
MC Lyte track: produced by The King Of Chill
Nice N Smooth track: produced by Ivan Rodriguez & Nice N Smooth
Kwame track: produced by Hurby Luv Bug
Cool C track: produced by L.G. The Teacher
T La Rock track: produced by Todd Terry

— Roy Johnson

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3 Responses to “Searching For The Perfect Beat: Late 80s Edition”

  1. Reggie says:

    Awesome mix of music. But why all instrumentals?

  2. Roy Johnson says:

    Eh, I guess that Sugar Bear and Kwame vocals don't really do much for me. I'd much rather just hear the instrumentals. Some of these selections are outstanding vocal tracks, no doubt, but these "Searching For The Perfect Beat" comps will all be instrumental-based.

  3. frenziedabeast says:

    can u download all these tracks on this page?

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