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Biography of Digga

Ask most hip-hop fans who their favorite rapper is and they’ll probably answer with an emphatic “Biggie!” Have them list their Top Ten All-Time Favorite Hip-Hop albums and bet you Ready To Die will be included somewhere in it. Then finally ask them to list their five favorite songs from that album. Guaranteed that three of their favorite five will be “One More Chance,” “Me And My Bitch” and “Everyday Struggle.” That would mean the producer behind the historical tracks of those classic songs has helped the Notorious B.I.G become, arguably, the Greatest Rapper of All-Time. No we’re not talking about Puffy here (check the credits). We’re talking about none other than MC/producer Digga (formerly known as Lord Digga).

For you true hip-hop heads, you might remember the name from Masta Ace’s INC crew back in the early ’90’s. Anyone who even remotely followed Ace’s career recalls his joints “Jeep Ass Niguh”, “Who Ya Jackin” and “Drunken Style.” Digga produced them all. But when Digga started noticing that the INC wasn’t so incorporated, he decided to get gone. “It seemed like Ace was out for himself and trying to limit my potential. So I had to get out on my own and show the world what I was made of” states Digga. “It’s sort of like how the Raptors held back Tracy McGrady, when he really had enough skills to be the best player in the league.”

So Digga bounced and started doing things his way. Talk about your way being the right way. A year after his departure, Digga wound up being mentioned in Source magazine’s Unsigned Hype section for his production and found he and his production partner’s beat tape in the hands of an un-signed Biggie via Unsigned Hype editor Matt Life.

But despite producing tracks for faded artists like The Cella Dwellas (“Land Of The Lost” and “Realm 3”) as well as household hip-hop names like ODB (“Brooklyn Zoo Remix”), Digga is more than a superb track chef with a keen engineer’s ear, he’s also the one of the fiercest you’ll find in a vocal booth. There’s none other who can mix witty intelligence, sharp humor and true hardcore so well and then serve it with a disciplined delivery and bully baritone. This is what had the West and East Coast underground in love with Digga back in ’98 when he dropped “My Flows Is Tight.” He beautifully used a sample from the theme music of the renown TV show “The Price Is Right” and an irresistible hook to distract listeners as they got hit upside their heads with raps as hard as granite. It was Digga at his best on all levels.

Digga Production Volume 1
1. Cella Dwellas – Land Of The Lost (Radio Edit)
2. Cella Dwellas – Realm 3
3. Dredknotz – Causin’ Menace (Remix)
4. Lord Digga – Brand Nu Day
5. Lord Digga – Enemy Lines
6. Lord Digga – My Flows Is Tight
7. Lord Digga – Watch Ya Back
8. Lord Digga – Word Play
9. Man Digga – Man Digga Comin’ Through
10. Masta Ace – Ain’t You Da Masta
11. Masta Ace – Crazy Drunken Style
12. Masta Ace – Freestyle
13. Masta Ace – Jeep Ass Niguh
14. Masta Ace – Saturday Night Live (Horny Mix)
15. Masta Ace – Style Wars
16. Masta Ace – Turn It Up
17. Masta Ace – What’s Going On
18. Masta Ace – Who U Jackin’
19. Notorious BIG – Everyday Struggle
20. ODB – Brooklyn Zoo (Dirty Remix)

Digga Production Volume 2
1. Cella Dwellas – Land Of The Lost (Instrumental)
2. Lord Digga – My Flows Is Tight (Instrumental)
3. Man Digga – Man Digga Comin’ Through (Instrumental)
4. Masta Ace – Freestyle (Dub)
5. Masta Ace – Turn It Up (Dub)
6. Masta Ace – What’s Going On (Dub)
7. Mystidious Misfits – I Be Remix (Instrumental)
8. Mystidious Misfits – Upside Down Remix (Instrumental)
9. ODB – Brooklyn Zoo Remix (Instrumental)

For more info about Digga check him out on Myspace.

Props to Lyrical Gymnastics, Verge and Roy Johnson.


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