Organized Konfusion – Non-Album Tracks

Organized Konfusion – Non-Album Tracks Volume 1

1. Intro

2. Prisoners Of War (Demo)
3. Mind Over Matter (Demo)
4. Cooling One Day (Demo)
5. International Arrival (Demo)
6. Audience Pleasers (Demo)
7. O.K. Moodswing
8. Fudge Pudge (Remix)
9. Walk Into The Sun (Remix)
10. Stress (Large Professor Remix)
11. Bring It On (Buckwild Remix)
12. You Won’t Go Far w/ O.C.
13. For My Peeps w/ Red Hot Lover Tone, Notorious BIG & M.O.P.
14. For My Peeps Remix w/ Red Hot Lover Tone, Notorious BIG & M.O.P.
15. Decisions
16. Tender Remix w/ Attica Blues
17. Murder By Syntax w/ DJ Spooky
18. Late Night Action
19. War Games w/ OC
20. Rekonstruktion w/ DJ Spooky

Organized Konfusion – Non-Album Tracks Volume 2
1. Freestyle Intro
2. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle #1
3. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle #2
4. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle w/ OC & Large Professor
5. Acappella Freestyle
6. Acappella Freestyle #2
7. Hot 97 Freestyle
8. Underground Railroad Freestyle
9. Wake Up Show Frestyle w/ Ras Kass
10. Acappella Freestyle #3
11. Fudge Pudge (Spinbad Blend)
12. Bring It On (Spinbad Blend)
13. Somehow Someway (Spinbad Blend)
14. Fudge Pudge (MF Doom Blend)
15. Drumsticks (Outro)

–Roy Johnson

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8 Responses to “Organized Konfusion – Non-Album Tracks”

  1. Travis says:

    Dope! Thanks Roy….

  2. Thaddeus Clark says:

    much appreciated.

  3. bobfarmer136 says:

    Nice one always nice to have more O.K.
    Having problems with part 2 (& it ain't even on zshare!)

  4. Roy Johnson says:


    That's strange. I just clicked on the link, and the mediafire page came up. Give it another shot when you get a chance.

  5. bobfarmer136 says:

    Nope it is looping back to the same page without downloading the file. Nevermind there are lots of other gems on the site.
    Appreciate all the work you guys put in educating people.

  6. bobfarmer136 says:

    Today things are back working.
    Thanks again Roy, these non album tracks are so welcome.

  7. Roy Johnson says:

    No problem!

  8. The Ghost Locust says:

    thanks for this rare flavour..been looking for these demos for a while

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