T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/Jean Grae

Last week we brought you Blockhead and his 3 stellar mixes. This week we bring you none other than Ms. Jean Grae and her Top 10 90’s Hip-hop tracks To Wallow In Pity To.

10. Mobb Deep – Where Your Heart At feat. Kool G. Rap Whoooooooo killer. This actually could make me go buy Henny. This shit sounds like a henny dipped blunt. On a hot summer night coming back to Brooklyn over the bridge, everyone in the car is just quiet, looking
out the window. Yeah, that!

9. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Searching – I think because of the whole “Searching” Roy Ayers sample. Just theme of it. It’s pretty in a sad chord sort of way.

8. The Boogiemonsters – Old Man Jacob’s Well– Dark and creepy.

7. Eminem – Just Don’t Give A Fuck – I don’t. Cept when I do, then I
have to listen to this song to remember why I don’t and that it’s ok. Like a mantra.
Miss Em.. Miss him.

6. De La Soul – Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa – Yeah, this song is
just…man.. it’s amazing storytelling and hey I’m not Millie, so that makes life better.

5. Organized Konfusion – Black Sunday– I have to explain?

4. A Tribe Called Quest – Midnite – It reminds me of my senior prom. I went alone, had a crap time, then ended up walking home in the rain alone. The one good moment I can remember, is when this joint came on. We were on the boat, the whole dance floor was just dark and EVERYONE was feeling this shit. In a dark NY nod your heads, dance with your headdown and one hand up sort of way.

3. Nas – Drunk By Myself – Aww lemme tell you. First off, this bootleg
version of The Lost Tapes is one of my all time favorite things. It kinda got me through
the weird point I was at. This song was what I wanted to do, except I don’t drive and if I did, I would certainlyNOT keep my firearm under my seat for the coppers to get.

2. Jean Grae – Keep Living – It’s the first solo song I wrote after Natural Resource was no more. Real different from what we were doing as a group and turned out to be a great piece of talk therapy for me and a real excellent way to end a show. Plus, it’s ended beef and made
grown men cry.

1. Jay-Z – Regrets – Guru ruined this for me at the Nokia show where
RIGHT before everything started, he whispered in my ear, “he’s doing
the whole album backwards!!” I was like, “Aww man, you couldn’t have waited 5 seconds for me to be surprised!?!?!” But it was cool, cause I could have missed it by going to the bar.

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–Jean Grae

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