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In addition to an incredible fashion sense (just peep the above cover for pre-Kanye flash minus the homosexuality), DJ Jazzy Jay is an unheralded name in rap history (at least in today’s current market). When you think of Def Jam, you think of Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin – however, Jazzy Jay was a founding member of the infamous label. As a member of the Zulu Nation, he co-produced Planet Rock and released It’s Yours by T La Rock (I’ve read that people credit him with the production, but Rick Rubin is listed in the album as being the beatsmith), the first official Def Jam release. He produced Busy Bee’s Runnin’ Thangs and started his own label, Strong City Records, which put out the Master’s Of Ceremony album.

In addition, he recorded some of the first music ever made by artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Fat Joe, Brand Nubian, and Diamond D at Jazzy Jay’s Studio. This is also the place where Cold Chillin’ In The Studio was created – they just don’t make compilation album like this anymore.

To say that anyone on this album went on to become famous and have a lucrative career in rap would be an overstatement – the closest would be Ultimate Force’s Diamond D, who along with Master Rob, set off the opening track I’m Not Playing with a filthy guitar riff. Some other highlights include the hard as fuck The Joke Is Over by Outlaw Gangster, the funky I’m The King by Raheem, the headnodding “Didn’t I hear DJ Quik use that sample?” So Def Am I by D-Ice, and just plain fucking awesome You Gotta Believe by Def Duo.

You can play a game while listening to this called “How many samples were used on this album before they became staples in rap”. Remember, this was released in 1989, and it sounds as great today as it did back then.

Cold Chillin’ In The Studio

1) Ultimate Force – I’m Not Playing
2) Nu Sounds and Papa Jam – Yo Stupid

3) Tony D – Back to the Lab

4) So Def Am I – D-Ice

5) Jazzy Jay – Do What You Gotta Do

6) Raheem – I’m The King

7) Ice Cream Tee and Tony D – Keep Hushin’

8) MobVersa – Def Is The Status

9) Nu Sounds – Condition Red

10) Outlaw Gangster – The Joke Is Over

11) Def Duo – You Gotta Believe

12) Grand Wizard Theodore – s/t

This was re-released a few years ago – it would behoove you to buy a copy if you can find one.


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  1. verge says:

    Nice drop,Admiral.I always loved this entire album.The Raheem,"I'm The King" was my favorite joint for a while.But this is one of those albums that you can always go back to and find another song to sweat for the day.Thanks

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