Echo(Lyricist Lounge) Mixtapes Vol.2-5

Some of you might remember these dope little tapes.One would get a free tape with the purchase of an Echo t-shirt and there was always something good on them.I had the one with the Problems joint on it and one of my boys had another one.Up until recently,I had never even seen the rest of them.Props to T.R.O.Y poster DULLAH for blessing us with these:

Download Volume 2 here
Download Volume 3 here [–re-upped 07/29/2012]
Download Volume 4 here
Download Volume 5 here

Stay tuned for Volumes 1 and 6!


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8 Responses to “Echo(Lyricist Lounge) Mixtapes Vol.2-5”

  1. bosmann says:

    Yo verge, vol. 6 is already uploaded in the forum. I think u missed it.. Anyways this shit is dope..

  2. verge says:

    Thanks bosmann. I knew it was there,I'm just giving the followers something to look forward to. Thanks, though. Peace.

  3. SuPerMaN says:

    really nice post i had vol 3… this brings back memories.

  4. qnzgrimiest says:

    mad props on these ive only heard volume iv and that shit was hot especially that ran reed joint, mad props.

  5. Mad says:

    Sick dropping right here.These vol. are mad dope and rare, were on eBay for $ 60 per each.Thanks for share it.

  6. Markshot says:

    DULLAH is the man!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Quit using zshare as an uploader!

  8. carlitoroc says:


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