Too Def Connection

K-Funkadelic from the Philaflava forums dropped a gem earlier this morning that I thought would be perfect to share with you before the weekend kicked off.

Taken from the thread…

I’ve heard about this guys from Dread from Bust The Facts and since then I’ve tried to help him fulfill his requests and this was his #1 priority. Finally after 2 years of diggin’ we finally got it. Thanks to Tony D for puttin’ the tape on eBay. I thought it would go over $300 but luckily it only went for $100. Anyway it has that crazy Philly style from the early 90s that y’all know so don’t sleep!


01 Original 4:13
02 You Can’t Stand It 3:32
03 Music For Your Body 4:02
04 Love Is Like A Game 6:23
05 Comin’ Off 4:00
06 Watch ‘Em All Take A Fall 2:55
07 On The Uprise 4:56
08 Live In The Arena 3:14
09 Searching For Love 4:11
10 TRK-Comin’ Off 4:01
11 Running With The Lyrics 6:05


Don’t forget to peep the Tony D. post from last week http://philaflava.blogspot.com/2008/10/tony-d-indy-years-vol-2.html

Props to K-Funkadelic for providing the goods.

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3 Responses to “Too Def Connection”

  1. thebigk says:

    Once again, props to krayzee for this on some real shit. This is amazing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can say , thnx for Dread not Krayzee `coz he doesn`t own it.Props for dread and one another guy.

  3. K-Funk says:

    oh , it's that bitch Mad Human again …say hello to your daddy punk ass bulgarian mother fucker!anyone who's close to me knows that i was down with dread with buying tapes from ebay so you can simply f.u.c.k. OFF!

    p.s. : i know it's you , from that shitty writing.

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