This ol’ clan from Now Born got shit locked…

Back in ’94 I was sophomore in high school and I remember every Wednesday I’d rush home to catch The Bum Show, which was a student based hip-hop show out of Broward County, Florida.

For me this was the closest thing I ever had to Stretch & Bob, so having plenty of TDKs around were a necessity. I’d made sure to savor every show by listening to each of them a minimum of 5 times before a new one aired. One day I heard a track I had to immediately go back to. That track was “Now Born Soldiers” and the within the first 10 seconds I could tell this was going to be something that stuck with me. I was right, 14 years later I’m still listening to Now Born Click and I’m still experiencing the same feeling I had then– the need for more.

The below bio is taken from their Myspace page but it still doesn’t quench the thirst. If Ill or Solger are reading this, please know you may not have had the illustrious careers intended, but you’ve made a lasting impression on many heads and to this day we still yearn for more.

After years in the basements of Staten Island, the Now Born Click burst on the hip hop scene in 1994 with the now classic street anthem ‘Now Born Soldiers,’ sparking enough lyrical energy that the song still gets spins today. The b-side of that single, ‘Mad Sick’ became a classic itself and after the demise of Phatwax Records, the NBC signed with Stepsun Records. That partnership led to the release of a ‘Now Born Soldiers’ remix, but delays in the release schedule forced a frustrated NBC to leave the label with a year. Internal tensions and personal tragedies led the group to break up in 1995. The NBC re-surfaced a few years later, minus a few members, with the single ‘X-Fyles’ on their own label. The futuristic single ‘Movin,” ‘Shaolin Anthem’ and many others have also appeared on various mix tapes over the years. A remix of ‘Now Born Soldiers’ was also recently featured in 2005 MF Doom release ‘Special Blends – Volume 2.’ Original member ‘Ill,’ formerly ‘Ill God’ released the single ‘Get the Cream (Stay Bent)’ and a few other singles on his own since the group disbanded, while ‘Solger,’ probably the most recognizable voice in the group, is currently working on some new projects with veteran underground hip hop producer Louie Lake. Stay tuned…..

Now Born Click – Now Born Soldiers / Mad Sick 12″
A1 Now Born Soldiers (Raw Mix) (4:05)
A2 Now Born Soldiers (Instrumental) (3:30)
A3 Now Born Soldiers (Radio Mix) (3:00)
B1 Mad Sick (Raw Mix) (5:15)
B2 Mad Sick (Radio Mix) (4:02)

Now Born Click – Movin’ / X-Fyles 12″
A1 Movin’ (Radio Version)
A2 Movin’ (Raw Version)
A3 Movin’ (Instrumental)
B1 X-Fyles (Radio Version)
B2 X-Fyles (Raw Version)
B3 X-Fyles (Instrumental)

Bonus Tracks:
Now Born Click – Now Born Soldiers (Remix)

Now Born Click – Mad Sick (MF Doom Remix)

For more info please visit Now Born Click’s Myspace

Shouts to bosmann, kimani, CharlieManson and everyone contributing in the NBC thread.


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