Maintain Compilation

Props to MarkShot, Roy Johnson, Blockhead, and godmc for Ak Skillz, Channel Live, 360, and Senswif, respectively. –verge

01. Ak Skillz – One Life Ta Live
02. Channel Live – Maintain
03. Common – Maintaining
04. The Dwellas – Main Aim
05. Eric Sermon – I Maintain
06. Masta Ace – Maintain(feat.Lord Digga)
07. 360 – Maintain
08. Organized Konfusion – Maintain
09. Senswif – Maintain
10. Duodie – Maintain

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2 Responses to “Maintain Compilation”

  1. sid v says:

    So I'm looking at this post and I'm thinking.. "We did a song called "Maintain".. Never would it be on this.. I look and sho nuff – Duodie(now known as Duo Live)"Maintain". Thanks for posting, I haven't had this song in 10 years!!

    Sid V of Duo Live!!

  2. T.R.O.Y. says:

    LOL good story. glad you're a fan of the blog. met you a few years back outside of fat beats and you gave me your album for the radio show. props and continued success.

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