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Today we received an email (see below) asking if we had the Knucklehedz track “Headrush,” unfortunately I didn’t have the cut on hand but I knew where to look. Within a short period of time the request for the track was not only fulfilled but the thread became a flood. Now we definitely aren’t the first to blog about this album, but we will do our best to fulfill every request you send us.

Remember the world’s greatest forum dedicated to our favorite era is just is a click away. If we don’t have an answer for you, we’ll get it because T.R.O.Y. is the gift that keeps on giving.



Big fan of your site…hoping you can help me out with a lost gem. In 1993, Parrish Smith released these two white kids out of LI called the Knuckelheads. Their a-side (“ALL SHE WANTED”) got the most burn, but there was bangin b s-ide (“Headrush”)that only saw the light of day on red alerts show back in the day. Ive been searching for the record for over 15 years now. I’ve asked parrish himself and anyone within the camp for a copy of this record to no avail. Based off your impressive uploads, i have to ask… Would you happen to have this?

Keep up the good work,

Rigo “Riggs” Morales
Sr. Dir A&R Shady Records

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Knucklehedz – All She Wanted / Hed Rush 12″ – 1993
A1 All She Wanted (LP Version) (3:53)
A2 All She Wanted (Remix) (4:10)
A3 All She Wanted (Hed Mix) (3:54)
B1 Hed Rush (LP Version) (2:42)
B2 Hed Rush (Instrumental) (2:49)
B3 All She Wanted (Instrumental) (3:51)
B4 All She Wanted (Remix Instrumental) (4:00)

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Knucklehedz – Savages / 5 Hoods In A 4 Door 12″ – 1993
A1 Savages (4:10)
A2 Savages (Remix) (4:16)
B1 Savages (Remix Instrumental) (4:24)
B2 5 Hoods In A 4 Door (4:08)
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Knucklehedz – Strictly Savage LP – 1993
1. Hedrush (2:47)
2. Savages (4:12)
3. Wuntz Upon A Time (3:03)
4. Party Wrecker (4:03)
5. Uglee Picture (3:35)
6. Girlies Keep Screamin` (5:11)
7. All She Wanted (3:57)
8. Trouble Makas (3:57)
9. 5 Hoods In A 4 Door (4:11)
10. Who Called The Cops? (4:40)
11. Joy Ridin` (3:59)
12. Merlin (4:13)
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Tom J and Steve Austin, 2 dope White kids that went went to the same Brentwood High School as Erick Sermon and were supposed to be the next out of the infamous Hit Squad camp but suffered badly because of the animosity between Erick and Parrish….

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Props to the T.R.O.Y. posters CharlieManson, godmc, kimani &
hellriser who always put in work.

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