Because we rock nonstop, Because we rock nonstop…

Let’s just get this out of the way – New Rap Language is the greatest song in rap history. You can come at me with Represent, Paid In Full, TROY, etc, and I wouldn’t budge an inch on this claim. Simply put, what is contained in that 8 minute record is some of the most mind blowing charisma, flow, timing, enthusiasm, and back and forth rhyming ever put to wax. Joining Spoonie on this voyage are the Treacherous Three (Kool Moe Dee, LA Sunshine, and Special K) and by the time the song is over, you wish it would never end. The pulsating disco inspired beat makes your head nod from the opening riff to the ending note (all of it live instrumentation).

It is an absolute testament to the timelessness of New Rap Language that it sounds as good, if not better, than it did damn near 30 years ago.

New Rap Language: http://www.zshare.net/audio/202832522dec57f4/

Next to Schoolly D, I don’t think there is a more underrated rapper from the 1980’s than Spoonie G. If you listen to classics like Love Rap, Spoonin’ Rap, or the Godfather, you will shake your head in amazement at how this guy didn’t release multiple albums. Here is a link to an incredible interview done by http://www.jayquan.com/ with Spoonie – it’s filled with history any rap geek would salivate over.

Here’s his album Godfather of Rap and some other cuts from the early-mid 80’s. Some songs have aged better than others, but overall, if you love 80’s rap, this is essential listening.

1) New Rap Language
2) Spoonin’ Rap
3) Love Rap
4) The Big Beat
5) Street Girl
6) Get Off My Tip
7) Yum Yum
8) Take It Off
9) That’s My Style

10) The Godfather

11) Did You Come to Party

12) Hit Man

13) You’s an Old Fool

14) This Is The Place To Be

15) Monster Jam

16) Spoonie Is Back


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8 Responses to “Because we rock nonstop, Because we rock nonstop…”

  1. Thun says:

    Thanks for this, Admiral. Spoonie Gee is one of those artists that manages to be amazingly influential even though few even know his name. In "Love Rap" and "Spoonie's Back" and the song you posted you can bear direct witness to the birth of so many styles. There was a recent article in Wax Poetics about him that everyone should read.

    As far as overlooked 80s MCs, he has to be number one. Just-Ice, Caz, T La Rock, Educated Rapper from UTFO, and Schooly D immediately come to mind, but really all of those cats have been honored more frequently than Spoonie. The only rapper I've ever seen give him extensive recognition is Kool Moe Dee in his hilarious rapper report card book, and like anything Kool Moe Dee does, the praise was merely a vehicle for thinly veiled self aggrandization.

  2. vincentlopez says:

    I have this album on vinyl at home and ironically the wax is literally as heavy as his rhymes. I think he influenced Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap with his rhyme style and he could go on and on and on. Definitely a true lyricist.


  3. admiral says:

    Word to T La Rock – he birthed a ton of styles himself

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