T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/Blockhead

what’s up everyone,
the good folks at the TROY blog have allowed me to compile a few mixes for your listening pleasure. one is a compilation of oft forgotten posse cuts from the good old days. these were made back when , not only did well known mc’s come together and make songs, but complete unknowns jumped on tracks just for the hell of it. often it was the unknown heads that shined on these tracks.

the second is a mix of rude sex raps..well, not all of them are about sex but they’re all pretty offensive towards the fairer sex. so, listener beware. it’s a little known fact that i love me some ignorant shit and this mix is pretty much the cream of the crop.

the final mix is a bunch of often overlooked joints. these are songs i’ve always loved but were most likely lost in the shuffle of album tracks or simply overlooked for no good reason.


Blockhead’s Greatest Moments in Sexual Ignorance

1)goosebumps: fesu

2)on the bone again: brooklyn assault team

3)gangsta mak: gangsta nip

4)i luh hur: akinyele
5)i need pussy: willie d feat. choice
6)behind closed doors: mc ren
7)da nex niguz: onyx
8)hey mister: kool g rap
9)secret fantasies: tim dog feat. ultramagnetic mc’s
10)break a bitch neck:kool g rag and akinyele

11)your girlfriend is a hoe:kurupt

bonus track:

12)why you bullshittin’?:suge free


Blockhead’s Slept on Posse Cuts

1)show’em how we do things: lord finesse feat harry-o and shelrumble
2)action speaks louder then words: gangsta nip feat. scarface, willie d & seagram
3)stalkin’ with the nightbreed:insane poetry feat. KMC,death blow,shakesphere the one man riot, joe cooley & mad dog

4)get the fist:the get the fist movement (too many mc’s to name)

5)five men and a mike: special ed feat. drew, 40, little shawn, and dj action

6)let the horns blow: chi ali featuring dres, trugoy, the beatnuts, and phife

7)go where i send the: master ace feat. master eyce and u-neek
8)two to the head: kool g rap & dj polo feat. scarface, bushwick bill and ice cube
9)beg no friends (remix): strictly roots featuring fat joe, grand puba, and broadway
10)buddah nation: down low feat. zhigge, figures of speech, the ghetto dwellas and nadine
11)santa rita weekend:the coup featuring spice one and e-40
12)show and prove: big daddy kane feat. scoob lover, ODB, sauce money, shyhiem, and jay-z

Blockhead’s Overlooked Joints

1)get into something:just ice
2)let me at’ ’em: inspecta deck
3)your man is my man: nikki d
4)on the jazz tip: meastro fresh wes
5)ballad of a menace: CPO
6)bless ya life: KGB
7)romeo: superlover cee and cassanova rud
8)street sweeper: da bushwackass
9)4-deep: threat
10)my cheating days are over: rich nice
11)what-u-saying: money boss players
12)i kick asS: grand daddy IU
13)soft shoe booty: king sun
14)hoes: yo yo featuring threat
15)funky lil’ nigga: scarface feat. 2-low
16)pull ya card: saafir
17)this is a game: the future sound


For more info about Blockhead please visit http://www.myspace.com/theblockishot

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8 Responses to “T.R.O.Y. Guest Blogger w/Blockhead”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty fucking dope right here! thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    dope mixes blockhead

  3. Halftime* says:

    this blog is hella dope some rare gems nice stuff
    i am a huge fan of the B.C.C.
    you got any unreleased boot camp
    word life

  4. Anonymous says:

    son, you're killing it with this one…

  5. Anonymous says:

    on the sex tape you forgot "jack daddy" by nasty niggas

  6. verge says:

    Great shit! I remember the 1st time I heard "Hey Mister" on kcr.Man,I was ignorantly knocking that shit outta my sony boombox for weeks!I love ig'nant shit,it definitely has it's place in our culture.Good idea for a mix.BTW I'm pretty sure the little girl saying,"Hey mister!",was sampled from the movie,"The Untouchables". Just some random info….peace

  7. bosmann says:

    great mixxes!

    thanks blockhead

  8. Anonymous says:

    The sex rap joint is pretty much the best mix ever. I feel 12 again.

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