Deep Album Cuts

In recent years a number of innovations including filesharing programs, web-based upload/download services, internet radio, and Google Blog Search have made it easier to track down albums by slept-on artists. Websites like Discogs, The Breaks, Amazon, Allmusic, Wikipedia, and countless blogs provide information on artists and albums that allow listeners to better appreciate music in a more substantive context. Despite all of this unfettered access, however, some artists remain obscure or are remembered solely for their singles, even if they have recorded and released albums that are worth a listen from front to back. This mix serves as a reminder that you need to listen to music and not simply skim through it.

Deep Album Cuts [Download]

Extra Prolific “Go Back To School” (from How It Should Be)
Hard 2 Obtain “Bust Me Down” (from Ism And Blues)
Cella Dwellas “Wussdaplan” (from Realms N’ Reality)
Keith Murray “Manifique” (from Enigma)
Diamond D “Flowin'” (from Hatred, Passion, & Infidelity)
Bahamadia “Spontaneity” (from Kollage)
Diamond Shell “Captain Speaking” (from Grand Imperial Diamond Shell)
Rakim “Waiting For The World To End (from The Master)
Ras Kass “Etc.” (from Soul On Ice)
Chino XL “Thousands” (from Here To Save You All)
Das Efx “40 & A Blunt” (from Hold It Down)
A+ “Parkside Coalition” (from The Latchkey Child)
K-Solo “Rock Bottom” (from Time’s Up)
Fat Joe ft. Apache and Kool G Rap “You Must Be Out Of Your Fucking Mind” (from Represent)

— Thun

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  1. vincentlopez says:

    I agree with actually listening to music. Music is so accessible and easy to find/use/download today. I remember when I used to make my own mixtapes from vinyl, cd or other tapes and it would literally take hours to do but it was enjoyable and I heard every song. My much younger cousin (and his friends) fills his Ipod daily with hundreds of songs but never listens to the majority of them. Even when I gave him some Wu-Tang albums he didn't listen to them. I aksed him about it and he told me that he doesn't have the patience to listen to every song on an album. WTF???


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