Ultimate Breaks & Beats Vol. 1-5

“Ultimate Breaks and Beats, commonly abbreviated as UBB, is the name of a 25-volume compilation of mostly full-length songs that were known for their breaks. The series features music, released between 1966 and 1984, which features a prominent drum break. The records came out on the Street Beat label in the mid-1980s. The release of a new volume in this series usually led to a wave of rap records using the breaks. Re-releases of these LPs, some packaged in pairs for DJ scratching and mixing convenience, became available and may be found in record stores today. CDs of some of the volumes may be found as well. In 2006, a compilation of most of these volumes was released digitally on a 2 disc CD + DVD. [SOURCE]

Complete UBB Tracklisting/Cover Art
Pitchfork Review of CD Compilation Set

Click on album cover to download volumes 1-5.

Props to Charlie Manson for the links. More to come! — Thun

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