It Gets Deep – The Flows, The Mics, The Links — now PEEP

Glance over at our right sidebar, just below the search labels, and you’ll notice a “widget” (or “gadget” or whatever they call it this week titled “All Eye Seeing,” that displays the links we mark “share” in the blog’s Google Reader account. If the previous sentence inspires only a blank stare, just know that “All Eye Seeing” is a continuously refreshed feed of the illest T.R.O.Y.-related links from throughout the blogosphere. 

Knowing full well that some heads won’t take well to widgets and whatnot, I’ll be periodically providing summaries on  my favorite recent shared items. Luckily, our first week in existence proved to be fairly exciting throughout the web; check the links belows to see what you may have misssed. — Thun

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