The Samples Compilation 1

The point of these Sample Compilations I’m doing here is to bring you dope hip hop joints that sampled equally or, in some cases, even doper old records. I hope you all give these a thorough listen and enjoy.

We’re gonna spark this one off with a 70’s soundtrack cut by Herbie Hancock that is a great suspenseful, evil, dark alley sounding cut that has more samples than an Isaac Hayes record. You’ll hear the rugged as all hell bass line sample for J-Force‘s Bullseye come in at one point and the smooth, happier sounding Edo. G 304’s sample come in a little later. Then, we move right in to one of my favorite covers of “Light My Fire”, by Brian Augers, The Trinity and Julie Driscoll. On this, you will notice two classic samples that this song will lead into. Somewhere towards the beginning to middle, you’ll hear both parts of the classic Organized cut about females cheating with females, “Why”. Then, near the very end of the song, the sample for the infamous Ice Cube dis track by Common, “The Bitch In Yoo”. Great stuff already. Well, it only gets better.

Next up, we have a song that took me years to track down. Easy Moe Bee played it in a couple of his sample sets live on the radio in the mid 90’s, but I could never figure out what it was. Well, I finally accidentally discovered it when copping the original break record for the Artifacts,“Wrong Side Of The Tracks”. It was 9th Creation’s “Rule Of Mind”, which is just a dope funk soul track in it’s own right. This track contains the samples for Black Moon‘s “Slave” and Ill Advised’s “Kwestions”. Two more bangers, without a doubt.

Next up is a song that I like but you might think is cheesy as Chuck E. “Star Of The Story” by Heatwave.
This was also sampled by ATCQ, but I went with Smiff N Wessun’s “Nothing Move But The Money” for this. This was recorded right after the Da Shinin’ sessions or maybe even during, and I consider this the last real Smiff N Wessun track. We close this out with an ill jazz track by the extremely ill organization called Catalyst. You’ll hear the samples for the last two underground classics, “Leflaur Leflaur Eshkoshka” and the Triflict’s “Don’t Make Me Try”.

1. Herbie Hancock – Party People

2. J-Force – Bullseye
3. Showbiz & Ag – Ain’t No Fun
4. Edo.G – 304’s
5. Brian Auger,The Trinity And Julie Driscoll – Light My Fire
6. Organized Konfusion – Why
7. Common – The Bitch In Yoo (version with 3rd verse)
8. 9th Creation – Rule Of Mind
9. Ill Advised – Kwestions
10. Black Moon – Slave
11. Heatwave – Star Of The Story
12. Smiff N Wessun – Nothing Move But The Money
13. Catalyst – Uzuri
14. Triflicts – Don’t Make Me Try
15. Heltah Skeltah,OGC – Leflaur Leflaur Eshkoshka




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