Droppin’ Gems Pt. 2

Here are some more goodies from our T.R.O.Y. message board. Make sure you’re checkin’ us out daily because we’re going to continue to drop shit 7 days a week. You can now subscribe for T.R.O.Y. updates as well.

Shouts to godmc, shinobi, drizzle, Jaz, Alaska, Lyrical Gymnastics, CharlieManson & kimani all holding it down for T.R.O.Y.

J-Treds – Recognize feat. El-P
J-Treds – Piece of Mind (Demo Mix)
Fierce – Crab b/w Come Close
Mind Space – Life Is Foul
L-Fudge – What If
L-Fudge – Realise feat. J-Live
Unsung Heroes – A Changed Man feat. L-Fudge
J-Live – What Would You Do feat. Mr. Complex & L-Fudge

Unsung Heroes – Dummy feat. J-Live & L-Fudge
Network Reps – Collabo feat. Tru Persona, L-Fudge & Mike Zoot
Mike Zoot – Service (Remix)

Raidermen – Stragedy feat. Natural Elements & Mike Zoot

Peace to True King for this Mike Zoot compilation


01 Mike Zoot – Service.mp3
03 Mike Zoot – Urban Harvest.mp3
04 Mike Zoot f. FT – Oh Yeah.mp3
05 Mike Zoot – All in My Own.mp3
06 Mike Zoot f. Various – Dos Collab.mp3
08 Mike Zoot f. Various – Nobody.mp3
09 Mike Zoot – Chessbumpin’.mp3
10 Mike Zoot f. Labba – Spread Love.mp3
11 Mike Zoot – Live & Stink.mp3
12 Mike Zoot f. Various – Frontline.mp3
13 Mike Zoot – Massive.mp3
14 Mike Zoot f. FT – Hoes & Dough.mp3
15 Mike Zoot – Scene.mp3
16 Mike Zoot f. Tek – Midnite Run.mp3
17 Mike Zoot f. El Da Sensai – Inter.mp3
18 Mike Zoot f. Royal Flush – The Tu.mp3
19 Mike Zoot – World Renown f. Vario.mp3


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5 Responses to “Droppin’ Gems Pt. 2”

  1. paul says:

    Nice drop!! I love them J-Treds demos,dude was nasty with the metaphors.You're really putting it down on this blog,Phila

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mike Zoot was type ill as well.There were so many mc's with so many original styles in the mid 90's.Those were the days,biting wasn't allowed.Thanks for all the dope drops so far.KIM

  3. Maceo1ne says:

    Someone care to post me a non z share link for this Mike Zoot comp? *** zshare.

  4. The Ghost Locust says:

    great mike zoot comp..good to hear all the tacks together..top work!


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