Thun & Verge’s Winning Mix

Recently, Philaflava’s T.R.O.Y forum held a contest, challenging the forum regulars to dig deep into their digital collections and put together a cohesive twelve track mix. A number of challenging stipulations were announced, including the mandatory inclusions of remixes, dis tracks, West Coast artists, etc.

Fellow blogger Verge and I used to host hiphop shows on WPRB out of Princeton, NJ until we were both unceremoniously taken out of rotation over politics and bullshit. Thus when the contest was announced we felt blessed to once again put our minds into playlist formation. The rules of the contest made the process quite difficult, and we had to scrap a good twenty or so worthy tracks before we finalized the mix.
Back on WPRB I tended to focus on overlooked deep album cuts while Verge was the master of obscure vinyl b-sides, and our mix reflects these tendencies. We tried our best to make a mix that was firstly dope, but also sonically cohesive and interesting. We both felt that the majority of the tracks were good left field choices – joints that are not typically thrown into a mix. The vibe throughout leans towards the mellow side of things, which is the way we like it. The T.R.O.Y. community gave us a lot of positive feedback, and we took the finals in a very close election. I cannot front though, every mix that was entered was good, and the four final mixes were downright stellar. Enjoy.

1. Empty Pockets “All For Nothin”
2. Show & AG “Next Level”
3. Latee “Brainstorm”
4. The Future Sound “Star Struck”
5. Ill Breed “Act Up”
6. Gravediggaz “1-800 Suicide” (Prince Paul remix)
7. The Nonce “Hoods Like To Play”
8. Black Sheep “North South East West” (Buckwild remix)
9. Main Source ft. Tha Lox “Set It Off”
10. The Cenobites “That’s How I”m Goin’ Out”
11. Grand Puba “Black Family Day”
12. The Legion “New Niggas”

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