Fruits of Nature

The UMC’s – Fruits of Nature LP

1. One To Grow On
2. Kraftworks
3. Morals
4. Blue Cheese
5. Swing It To The Area

6. Never Never Land

7. You Got My Back

8. Jive Talk

9. Feelings

10. Any Way The Wind Blows

11. Pass It On

12. Woman Be Out

13. Hey Here We Go

14. It’s Gonna Last


UMC’s Never Never Land (Remix)

UMC’s-Anyway The Wind Blows (Bass Interface Mix)

UMC’s-Blue Cheese (U-N-I-Verse All)

UMC’s-Swing It To The Area (Sideshow Bob Recreation)

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Fruits of Nature



01 – Time To Set It Straight
02 – We Go
03 – Evil Ways
04 – Hit The Track
05 – What’s Up
06 – Staten Island Comes First
07 – ill demonic clique
08 – Some Speak Ill Thoughts
09 – Whoa Now
10 – Pleasure In The Dark
11 – Can You Feel It
12 – How It Gotta Be
13 – Gotta Be Sure
14 – My Thing

The UMC’s were a group from Staten Island that had critical acclaim with their debut “Fruits of Nature” but never got the props they deserved for putting Shaolin on the Hip-Hop map despite doing it years prior to the Wu. Their follow-up took 3 years to happen and when it did, it just came and went.

Hass G and Kool Kim had the help of fellow Shaolin member and Wu affiliate RNS way before he was lacing the likes of Shyheim, G.P. Wu, King Just and The Gravediggaz. Since their ’94 release “Unleashed” The UMC’s broke up and went their own ways. Hass-G has went on to produce hits such as Lil Kim’s “Magic Stick” featuring 50 Cent and Kool Kim now goes under the moniker NYOIL who has been making a name in the underground circuit as one of the better political rappers in the game.

Do yourself a favor and see what you’ve been missing…

— Philaflava

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9 Responses to “Fruits of Nature”

  1. Reggie says:

    "One To Grow On" is one of my favorite songs.

  2. Balzac says:

    i think the umc switch up from fun loving poppy group to semi yelling hard group is pretty funny.

    i remember when blue cheese came out, i saw an interview with Kim where he was telling a story about how he met ice cube at some function/party and he was all worried that cube would make fun of his music and shit but he actually gave him dap on the blue cheese track. kim was surprised. thought cube was gonna beat him down or some shit lol.

    its like the opposite of the bush babees transition from yelling to conscious rap.

  3. Thun says:

    My favorite cut off this album is definitely "Morals," with "One To Grow On" a close second.

    The UMCs, along with K.M.D. and the Future Sound, represent that cadre of rap acts whose explicit D.A.I.S.Y. age influence led them to create music.

    PM Dawn and Stereo MCs on the other hand…

  4. NYOIL says:

    Balzac.. your memory is a lil off..
    I didn't think Cube was gonna beat me up… LOL.. that woulda been a bad look for cube.. even tho we made a certain type of music.. we didn't roll like that homie.. LOL..
    but it was bugged out because his image was so tough guy and shit.. and he broke ranks to bugg out with me on some Blue cheese isht.

    the transition.. is an indepth story that i'll go into detail someday soon.. keep an eye out for that on http://www.nyoil.com

    thanks to the blog host for taking some time to recognize our music.

    Kool Kim.. NYOIL

  5. T.R.O.Y. says:

    NYOIL thanks for checking us out and for the classics cuts over the years. Keep us posted on all your future projects and check us out cuz I think our community would be ideal for you http://www.philaflava.com/forum

  6. Balzac says:

    lol. fair enough. keep in mind that shit was at least 13 years old. memory is a little hazy. still stuck in my mind how u were bugging out getting dap from cube. thats dope shit. back when there was a little more unity.

  7. Admin says:

    Blu lipstick… Whoa…

  8. Jonathan says:

    Any Way the Wind Blows was the cut!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I thought Kool Kim was going by "F.G." for about a minute in the mid to late nineties? At least that's what he says on the skit-erlude on Percee P's tape. . ."Feel Good, Feel Great, Far Greater than you can anticipate. . ." Just curious.

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