The Hill That’s Real…

Various Artists-The Hill That’s Real (1992)

1992 was easily one of the dopest years in Hip Hop history, it was a time of Timberlands, polos, hoodies, and vast amounts of creativity, lyrical skills and fat beats as far as rap music was concerned, it was also the year the infamous Lil Fame (aka Fizzy Womack) of the Mash Out Posse, first recorded to wax on the The Hill That’s Real compilation, an album that celebrated the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York.

Lil Fame kicked the album off with the raw ‘Bring The Ruckus’ and also supplied his vocal talents to ’Neighborhood Hood’ and ‘The Hill That’s Real’, as well as appearing on the ‘Crew Full Of Shorties’ cut and overseeing the whole album.

Other key tracks were the ASAP tracks ‘Wrek The Art’ and ‘It’s On You’ with both tracks displaying hardcore jazz loops and fat drums, in fact most of the album is full of deep basslines, hard drums and dope loops supplied by producer Silver D.

Big Ken is a hardcore chick going for hers on ‘4 Star Bitch’ and the sharp tongued ‘All About The Pussy‘, both are dope cuts, but why is she called Big Ken?.

411 (another female) wrecks ‘Exit 21 South’ with adlibs from what sounds like Positive K (I’m not sure if it’s him though) and the album ends with Big Posse’s New York City Drive By’, so in essence, this is a dope album and worth checking for early Lil’ Fame recordings and for those that enjoy rugged Brooklyn Hip Hop. Brrrrrraaaaaappppp


The Hill That’s Real (1992)

01. Li’l Fame – Bring The Ruckus
02. ASAP – Wrek The Art
03. Smuve-Ruff, Big Ken, Sean Mic & Li’l Fame – Crew Full Of Shorties
04. Li’l Fame – The Hill That’s Real
05. Big Ken – All About The Pussy
06. ASAP – It’s On You
07. Big Ken – 4 Star Bitch
08. Li’l Fame – Neighborhood Hood
09. 411 – Exit 21 South
10. The Big Posse – New York Drive By


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3 Responses to “The Hill That’s Real…”

  1. Thun says:

    I always enjoyed the Lil' Fame tracks from this. I remember not caring for the rest of it but since you've identified some other tracks as worthy I'm gonna have to listen again. thanks.

  2. Dave says:

    thanks for this

  3. S4 says:

    I badly need a new link, this one’s broken and I really fancy listenin’ 2 this compilation.

    Many THX!

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