The Headrush

Whoa! This is by far the dopest .77 cent cd I have bought in ages! Very underground compilation from New Jersey. Released by Love And Hemp Media Syndicate in 1994. The Orfinz and The Dungeon Boys are the only 2 groups I know of on this release that have other singles.
Classic east coast hip hop, way below the radar. This cd has replay value in spades !
Leave us some comments, let us know you’re reading and listening. We’ll work hard to bring you enough gems and knowledge to keep you coming back.
1. (00:04:00) murder one – eeze off
2. (00:04:27) run amuk – the realm of my freestyle
3. (00:04:25) orfinz – slummin’
4. (00:03:36) da ill cyphers – wetz em
5. (00:03:40) put it on your ass – hardware
6. (00:04:29) madman – when i’m gone
7. (00:05:17) alkahal – hard day of murder
8. (00:03:50) 2 pm – i’m too small
9. (00:04:26) dungeon boyz – yum yum
10. (00:05:01) swiglizt gipsta – not da five-o
11. (00:04:15) straight up – word up
12. (00:04:10) orfinz – audio retards
13. (00:04:23) skully – who’s da blame
14. (00:04:25) chain gang – no fair ones
15. (00:03:57) biazee – lyrically speaking
16. (00:04:32) 2 pm – aint tryin to hear it–

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11 Responses to “The Headrush”

  1. Thun says:

    Loooking forward to listening t this … do you have any additional info on these groups?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love these obscure NJ tapes.can always listen to these.
    good looking out

  3. Anonymous says:

    no additional info other than that the orfinz and dungeon boys both had some singles out around the same time.

    the orfinz tracks on this are not on their other singles though.


  4. Fritz says:

    Not bad at all, good production

  5. Anonymous says:

    thanks man!! very interesting compilation! mad appreciated!!


  6. Anonymous says:

    HOLY CRAP – ok – so I have NO idea how I came across your page – BUT – Biazee (Lyrically Speaking Track 15) is a VERY dear friend of mine! You have NO idea how freaking grateful I am to have found this!! THANKS so much for posting it!!

  7. Anonymous says:


    Wow…this is peace….never new this product would be blogged in 11/01/08 especially with favorable reviews…..When it was out it did gain some press however it fell thru the cracks….My name is IFLI R. Scott from Str8 up Productions….track 11 "Word Up" Thanks for posting peace…..


  8. Anonymous says:

    Say word up!! I have to say thank you for taking the time out to check this cd. I'm P from the group straight up(track 11 word up)and its good to know that our hard work and effort is still being dug today.

  9. aREAL says:

    This is so sick!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  10. verge says:

    an ep version of this compilation is being pressed by Sergent Records.

  11. Gsmoke says:

    Interested in purchasing The Headrush CD any ideas on who is still selling it? I’m from NJ and know a lot of the groups on their. I remember when they were recording it, their was a lot of excitement. Would love to to get a copy. Thanks


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