Write For T.R.O.Y.

T.R.O.Y. needs new writers!
We are looking specifically right now for people to join the team and
contribute on a weekly basis, approximately two posts per week.
To write for us you must be:
1) Web-savvy enough to use Blogger, enthusiastic about social
networking (Twitter, Facebook, etc).
2) Capable of following instructions and obeying the guidelines set by
two anal-retentive micro-managers.
3) Knowledgeable in the subjects you cover, good at coming up with
original or distinctive ideas.
4) A skillful, personable writer who can connect with our readers.
4) Dedicated and consistent : You can’t be prone to crippling writer’s
block or the type who quits easily.
5) Accessible and Responsive : You cannot be the type to disappear
from the ‘net for weeks or leave an email unanswered.
6) A Team Player: The blog is a group effort. An ego that is too
inflated is a problem we’d rather avoid. We are also NOT seeking to
republish the content on your practically invisible blog with four
There are different types of staff writers we are looking for:
a. “Think Piece” writers – People who can write large-scale reviews,
articles, analyses on par with the best out there. We are EXTREMELY
critical when it comes to this kind of writing, so if this is your
ambition you are going to have to do your very best to convince me
that you’re up to the task.
b. Forum Coverage – Let’s say there’s a thread titled “Schooly D,” and
in the course of the thread his entire discography plus b-sides,
remixes, and unreleased tracks, and youtube interviews, and everything
else. This kind of shit happens every day at T.R.O.Y. We need you to
consolidate these contributions into a coherent post. This is simple
in theory but requires effort.
c. Compilation Hounds – Our readers luh them thematic and artist-based
playlists. Again, this is simple in theory and yet requires effort.
You do have a forum of hip hop junkies at your disposal as a resource,
though. We do not want anyone who simply uploads music and has nothing
to say about the music. We already post way too many compilations
without commentary.
If you are interested, do the following, simply send us an email
(blog.philaflava@gmail.com), introduce yourself, and either link or
attach a sample writing piece that best exemplifies the kind of
content you’d like to contribute.
Please forward this request to anyone you think might be interested.