Exclusive Interview with Guru (Gang Starr) and Solar

June 6th, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Guru (Gang Starr) and Solar

As you can imagine, I was ecstatic just to interview Guru, who I feel is one of the the most prominent emcees of our time. We’re talking about a person who was apart of one of the most influential hip-hop groups ever.

Now I’ve done interviews with Ghostface Killah, AZ, Cormega, Kurupt and Ras Kass just to name a few, and never have I balked at asking a question. I do these interviews as a fan not a journalist.  Besides, I’m not journalist.

Prior to this interview I was informed that Solar would be accompanying Guru on the phone. I had no problem with this, but I was not prepared being that I was under the impression it was just Guru. Not to mention, I knew very little about Solar and didn’t have ample time to study his work or create some questions for him.

I was also informed that Guru requests no questions about Gang Starr or DJ Premier. Well, when I heard that I thought how am I going to do this interview without bringing up the past? Without a past there is no present. There is no Guru 8.0, there is no fans buying the album or attending their shows. How could you have an interview with Guru and completely ignore the past?

Every Paul McCartney interview you can hear John Lennon always being brought up. Every Scottie Pippen interview you hear Michael Jordan. You don’t think C.L. Smooth gets asked about Pete Rock all the time? The shit goes with the territory and as an artist you have to understand that. We’re not talking about an intimate relationship about an ex-wife, this is about a very public and professional relationship that was in our faces, in our tape decks, in our magazines and on our radios for 20+ years. You cannot dismiss that.

Now I understand both their positions about wanting to move forward, but as fans and long time supporters we should be entitled to know what happened– right? How come Guru won’t work with DJ Premier? How come there is no more Gang Starr Foundation? What happened to his childhood friend Big Shug who he no longer friendly with? Why has Guru chosen to work exclusively with Solar?

These are very legitimate questions with absolutely no maliciousness behind them. This isn’t about “hating” on their future, this isn’t about not supporting Guru and Solar, this is about how did we get to where we are today? Prior to doing this interview I read up on some recent Guru and Solar interviews and even saw a clip and it was no secret that when the mention of Gang Starr or Premier happens the interview takes a sharp turn. I didn’t want any knee-jerk reactions and I definitely didn’t want to agitate either of them, but still I wanted to get my questions in somehow because I felt we deserved some answers.

As loyal and longtime fans, we are the shareholders of their stock. Without us there is no Gang Starr, no Guru, no Solar. That’s not to say we are owed an answer to everything but when it becomes public you can’t expect the very people who run out the Tuesday to cop your album to simply forget past. My biggest concern with this interview was making it an informative one. I may have failed or succeeded in some eyes but I gave it my best and now you can make the call yourself. Apologizes in advance as you can imagine how hard it is to conduct an interview over the phone, much less with two people answering at will.

Philaflava Interview w/Guru & Solar – Part 1

Philaflava Interview w/Guru & Solar – Part 2


Click here to download the new REMASTERED FULL INTERVIEW (40 minutes)

All in good fun…


Check out the interview in its entirety and make sure you leave your comments and question for both for both Guru and Solar.

And if you’ve been living under a rock, you missed one of the the most in-depth Gang Starr celebrations ever on the blogosphere. Catch up here – Gang Starr month from April.

Check out Guru & Solar at www.guru7grand.net


Jason Gloss


The TROY Blog Presents: Funk-O-Rama V11

April 18th, 2014

Funk-O-Rama is back after long long time.

**dirt_dog on the covers.


funk-o-rama v11

01. The Beatnuts – Get Funky (Remix)
02. Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs – Stay Funky #2
03. Da Youngsta’s – Illy Filly Funk
04. Society – F.U.N.K. (From Us Nasty Kidz)
05. Figure Uv Speech – Hardcore Funk
06. Lords Of The Underground – Keepers Of The Funk
07. Funkytown Pros – Too Dam Funque
08. Paris – Funky Lil’ Party
09. Logic – Bust A Funky Rhyme
10. Blvd. Mosse – Move To Something Funky
11. Lord Finesse – Funky On The Fast Tip
12. Def Jef – God Made Me Funky




    T.R.O.Y. Presents – Moet Drinking, Marijuana Smoking Street Dweller

    April 7th, 2014
    We first hit you with “Brothers Want To Hang With The Meth.” A 14 track Method Man sample compilation and now we’re back with one for Mr. Nasir Jones. We could create dozens of compilations comprised of all Nas samples, especially material off Illmatic, but we took 18 old and new joints and threw them together for you. Peace to dirt_dog for always cooking up some marvelous images. We hope you enjoy our 2nd installment in our sample compilation. –Philaflava
    00 VA - Moet Drinking Marijuana Smoking Street Dweller - cover
    T.R.O.Y. Presents 
    Moet Drinking, Marijuana Smoking Street Dweller
    01 Jay-Z – Dead Presidents (Original) (CDS – 1996)
    02 O.C. – Born 2 Live (Eclipse Remix) (Eclipse Remixes Circa 94 – 2004)
    03 Mic Geronimo – Hemmin Heads (Shit’s Real 12”  - 1993)
    04 Kool G. Rap – 4, 5, 6 (4, 5, 6 – 1995)
    05 Real Live – Real Live Shit (The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama – 1996)
    06 Big L – Ebonics (The Big Picture (1974-1999) – 2000)
    07 De La Soul – Vocabulary Spills (Smell The DA.I.S.Y. – 2014)
    08 Darc Mind – I’m Ill (Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill – 2006)
    09 Jeru The Damaja – Invasion (New Jersey Drive Vol. 2 – 1995)
    10 Pete Rock – Half Man Half Amazin feat. Method Man (Soul Survivor – 1998)
    11 Deda – Press Rewind (The Original Baby Pa – 2003)
    12 Black Attack – Correct Technique feat. Problemz (My Crown 12” – 1997)
    13 Basement Khemists – Correct Technique (Beyond Real Experience – 1999)
    14 Nuthouse – Correct Technic feat. Diamondback & Planetary (Good Vibe Recordings – 2000)
    15 Laster – Searchin 4 Meaning (Searchin 4 Meaning 12” – 1998)
    16 Jigmastas – Beyond Real (Beyond Real 12” – 1996)
    17 Lexicon – Nikehead (It’s The L!! – 2001)
    18 Raekwon – Sneakers (Immobilarity – 1999)
    Download Link 1  Link 2

    (R.F.D.) Random Friday Downloads

    April 4th, 2014

    Thanks to J-Preme and everyone on the T.R.O.Y. forum for the links. This is just a little something to hold you over for the weekend. 1994 represent, represent!

    A1       Forreal (Street Version)
    A2       Forreal (Radio Remix)
    A3       Forreal (Instrumental)
    B1       Me And My Squad
    B2       Checkin Down The Menu
    B3       Checkin Down The Menu (Instrumental)


    A1       In Tha “Q” (Radio Edit)
    A2       In Tha “Q” (Instrumental)
    B1       In Tha “Q” (Street Mix)
    B2       Interlude
    B3       Don’t Wet Dat (Radio Edit)


    A1       Shawn
    A2       Shawn (Radio Edit)
    B1       Shawn (Accapella)
    B2       3,000 Long
    B3       3,000 Long (Accamental)


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    “When the Unsigned Hype Column in The Source Was Like, Our Only Source of Light…”

    March 31st, 2014

    The Source Magazine, a.k.a. The Hip Hop Bible, got its start as a couple page long Boston newsletter back in August of ’88. However, the now famous Unsigned Hype segment didn’t debut straight away, if you look back, that section is noticeably absent. It actually wasn’t until almost two years later, in May of ’90 (as far as we know), that demo tapes and black and white photos were suddenly being requested by the now New York City based organization.

    The Source, Issue #12 (May 1990)

    Looking back it becomes the opposite of a “Where Are They Now?” feature, showcasing where people were then, quickly giving the public an exclusive first look at future names, staples and sometimes even icons, such as J Rock, DMX, DJ Shadow, Mobb Depp, Common, Biggie, Saafir, Agallah, Extra Prolific, Artifacts, Skillz, CNN, J-Live, David Banner, Last Emperor, Rawcotiks, Thirstin Howl III, A.L., Eminem, and Neek the Exotic… among many others. Whether you were just tryin’ to keep with what was current at the time or are into the hindsight of it all, these pages were and are not to be missed. Plus new talent is still put on display in the publication to this day, with them recently championing Action Bronson a few years back (and people like Joell Ortiz and Jay Electronica ten years ago now).

    “Smiles every time my face up in The Source.”

    So naturally we went through every issue from Unsigned Hype’s inception up until the end of ’98, providing you with over eighty scans from the first decade of The Source’s existence, as well as a few updates, recaps and retrospectives along the way as an added bonus.

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    Everything is Dooable

    March 27th, 2014


    Matt “Doo” Reid (March 2nd, 1971 – December 12th, 1998)


    One of the most important and yet underrated hip hop visual artists since the days of Basquiat, Haring, and Quinones. Read the rest of this entry »


    Philaflava’s 250 Favorite Obscure Tracks (’92-95)

    March 24th, 2014

    Six years ago, with the help of 8 other folks on Philaflava.com, we put together a list of our Top 100 Obscure Tracks. The list went viral and the blogosphere was laced with 100 mp3s that spread like wildfire across all blogs, message boards and websites alike. I love obscure shit. Who doesn’t like to be different, especially when it comes to music?

    Everybody would always play the same radio singles, but you’d look for that one album cut nobody was checking for. Maybe it was that a b-side or that cassette single only remix. I love guest features. I’m a sucker for a good 90s collabo. The beauty of the music is not only enjoying it, but discovering it as well. Having it all to yourself, while you feel the rest of the world is on some other shit. It’s that feeling that I always yearned for when it comes to my hip-hop. It’s also the main reason I preferred The Source’s Fat Tape section over anything else in that mag. Though, many of the tracks listed in Fat Tape went on to become singles themselves.

    The T.R.O.Y. squad has always been adamant about focusing on a specific era in hip-hop, most of us would consider it the “2nd” Golden Age we’ve had. I personally love ’92-95. To me, those were the prime years. It’s hard to match the production, get away with the sampling and really, come with the same energy today.

    When I’m bored with music I always find myself going back to those 4 years. They never let me down and despite some of the music aging poorly or now that I’m older, I realize many of these lyrics were downright embarrassing, there is still something very cool about this era.  So with that said, I have put together a list of my 250 favorite obscure tracks from 1992-1995. 1996 had tons of great shit too, but to me, it was the beginning of that whole indie movement and it would take this list from 250 to 500 rather easily. One thing I’ve realized while compiling this list is that I am enamored with D.I.T.C. production, with the exception of Primo, Pete Rock, Diamond D and The Beatnuts, Buckwild completely owned shit in the 90s. I still don’t understand how he isn’t higher on most peoples list. The man always been incredible.

    I used the word obscure loosely here, because we all know its subjective. B-sides, remixes, posse cuts, guest features and random album cuts make up my list.  I’ll do my best to work on getting up some of those mp3s, though I am sure many of you probably already have them. Let me know what some of your favorite “obscure” cuts are from the golden age, I’m sure I am forgetting some. — Philaflava

     Philaflava’s 250 Favorite Obscure Songs (’92-95)

    250. Sha’Dasious – Da Whole Shabang feat. Ram Squad, 50 Grand, Tasc-4rce
    249. Preacher Earl & The Ministry ‎– Return Of The Body Snatcha
    248. Souls of Mischief – That’s When Ya Lost (Remix)
    247. Pete Nice & Daddy Rich – The Sleeper
    246. Kirk – Uptown Style feat. Ski
    245. Down South – Lost In Brooklyn
    244. MC Eiht – All For The Money (1/2 Oz. Remix)
    243. Special Ed – Rukus
    242. Lin Que – Let It Fall
    241. Supernatural – Buddah Blessed It
    240. Double X Posse – He Asked For It
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    The Kool Keith Story

    March 19th, 2014

    This dropped last week and literally NOBODY is talking about it and based on the views, certainly nobody is watching it either. You should. Despite his inability to make a decent album these days without the assistance of Automator, Kutmaster Kurt or TOMC3, Keith is a legend and his stories are always thoroughly entertaining. I swear, Keith and LL refuse to age. –Philaflava


    Kamakazee – Head On (Promo Cassette 1995)

    February 20th, 2014

    Here is the other gem skater4041 dropped on us. It’s the Queensbridge duo Kamakazee (KL & Solo). Some of you might remember them as 1/2 of the group Screwball. This promo has been one of the tougher finds and now our journey ends. K-Def or Marley, I’m not 100% sure who is behind it but all I know is the beats knock. T.R.O.Y.’s lacing you with the goodies before the weekend. –Philaflava

    Kamakazee – Head On (Promo Cassette 1995)


    A1 Snakes In The Grass
    A2 Spread It Around
    A3 Da Rocks Y’All
    A4 Shakedown
    A5 Goodlife
    A6 Mo Murder Mo Crime
    B1 House O’ Hitz Crew feat. Hostyle & Black Poet
    B2 Rhyme Crime Profession
    B3 Orgy Style
    B4 Devastating
    B5 Head On
    B6 Bridge 95


    Bas Blasta – The Mouth That Roared Sampler

    February 20th, 2014

    Super props to skater4041 for lacing the T.R.O.Y. forum with some gems last night. One of them is the Bas Blasta sampler off “The Mouth That Roared” off of RCA Records. “Ain’t Watcha Do” features Kid of Kid N’ Play. Enjoy! – Philaflava



    Rastas & Rappers (50 Tracks)

    February 12th, 2014

    Reggae and hip-hop have always had a good relationship. Below you’ll find 50 tracks put together by Philaflava’s own Peanut Butter for your listening pleasures. There are 2 parts to this mix, so be sure to download both files. –Philaflava

    Part 1:
    1. Super Cat & Heavy D- Dem No Worry We
    2. Gyptian & Nicki Minaj- Hold Yuh (remix)
    3. Damian Marley & Nas- Road To Zion
    4. A$AP Ferg, Busta Rhymes, Migos & Shabba Ranks- Shabba (remix)
    5. Eve, Damian Marley & Stephen Marley- No, No, No (remix)
    6. KRS-One, Mad Lion, Fat Joe, Jeru The Damaja, Smiff N Wessun & Doug E. Fresh- 1, 2 Pass It
    7. Noreaga, Capone & Wayne Marshall- Anything Goes
    8. Super Cat & Method Man- Scalp Dem
    9. Mavado & Busta Rhymes- So Blessed (remix)
    10. Snoop, Mavado & Popcaan- Lighters Up
    11. Grand Puba & Shaggy- Why You Treat Me So Bad
    12. Shyne & Barrington Levy- Bad Boys
    13. Foxy Brown & Sizzla- Come Fly With Me
    14. KRS-One & Shabba Ranks- The Jam
    15. Brand Nubian & Red Foxx- Black Star Line
    16. Bounty Killer & Raekwon- Warface
    17. Super Cat, Junior Reid & Busta Rhymes- Change Just Like The Weather
    18. GURU, True Master & Ini Kamoze- Medicine
    19. Buju Banton & Cam’ron- Sweetness
    20. Ice-T & Black Uhuru- Tip Of The Iceberg
    21. Cormega & Vybz Kartel- Dangerous
    22. T.I. & Beenie Man- I’m Serious
    23. Damian Marley & Black Thought- Pimper’s Paradise
    24. Bounty Killer, Big Noyd & Mobb Deep- Deadly Zone
    25. DMX, Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas- Shottas

    Download 1-25

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